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Welcome to Herb-n-Horse
Since 1994 Herb n' Horse has been dedicated to providing natural herbs and remedies to the equine market. We offer 30 unique equine formulations made with herbs to treat common conditions such as laminitis, founder, worms and navicular/hoof, and over 300 bulk herbs for your horse, all natural. Our price, quality, and service are the solution to your horse needs.

Bulk herbs are gathered at peak potency. These herbs, free of pesticides and herbicides, are not irradiated.

New to bulk herbs for your horse ? , check out the Info on Herbs section to learn. Order on-line or by phone. For a free print catalog call us at (800) 267-6141. Wether dressage, cutting, or show horse, our natural bulk herbs can help your horse be its best.

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